Välkommen till Marelds Podcast What works med Johnny Jakobsson!

What works är en nystartad intervjuserie med olika utövare av systemteori från olika länder. Det är samtal om hur man kan tänka/möta stora utmaningar och frågor. Vi får möta personer med olika kunskaper och erfarenheter och ta del av hur de arbetar och tänker.

Samtal 1.  Scott Miller is the founder and director of the International Center for Clinical Excellence. He has been researching what works in therapy for decades. With a pragmatic and entertaining way Scott will, in this episode, tell you about his journey to find out what REALLY works. (klicka HÄR)

Samtal 2. Fritjof Capra, Ph.D. is a scientist, educator, activist, and author of many international bestsellers. Capra first became popularly known for his book, The Tao of Physics, which explored the ways in which modern physics was changing our worldview from a mechanistic to a holistic and ecological one. (klicka HÄR)

Samtal 3. Justine van Lawick is a clinical psychologist, familytherapist and director of training in the Lorentzhuis centre for systemic therapy. Some of the topics in this episode: – How come love can turn into hate – Understanding and handling high conflict divorces – Why accepting the tragedy of life is helpful – Why language is never innocent. (klicka HÄR)

Samtal 4. Jaakko Seikkula is a clinical psychologist, familytherapist, professor and a scientist. In this episode: Jaakko tells us about his own personal journey. The biggest challenges he had to face when he and his team radically changed their own professional system , to create better help for people and family’s dealing with psychoses. He reflects about inspiration, principles…and why he decided to come back from retirement. (klicka här)

Samtal 5. Jim Wilson is a systemic familytherapist, teacher and consultant to social care and mental health services in the UK and Europe. His latest book “Creativity in times of restraint” points to the importance of keeping our human creativity alive even though the expectations from organisations can be overwhelming. In this talk Jim shares a lot of his thoughts and stories about that and a lot more! (klicka här)

Samtal 6. Årets Familjeterapeuter Johan Wallmark och Gunnar Forsberg blir intervjuade av Johny; – Hur har ni stått ut, hållit ihop er själva under alla år?Många trender har kommit och gått, men vad har stannat kvar, vad har visat sig fungera? (klicka här)

Samtal 7 . Erik Abrahamsson,  delar här sina tankar och erfarenheter om språket, makten och lidandets betydelse i terapi och handledning under rubriken “Det finns handlingar som ännu ej fått språk”. Erik är psykoterapeut, utbildare och omtyckt handledare med lång erfarenhet av systemiskt arbete. (klicka här)

Samtal 8. Shelley Pearce, M.A., L.M.F.T., C.M.H.I.M.P. is a Integrative Psychotherapist/Educator/Community Leader/Interfaith Minister, in this episode  Shelley shares her thoughts and experiences about: What to do when talktherapy doesn´t work? How can we use silence to heal? The power of Meditation, Contemplation and Inquiry -When time stops… how spirituality and therapy are connected. (klicka här)

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